Teenage years can be tough…I get it! There’s so much to think of: the past, the present, and the ever looming future!

While there are so many obstacles to overcome there is hope to muddle through these teen waters. Our Heavenly Father, whom created you, has such a love and desire to lead you on your designated path of life. By following our Father’s leading, it allows us to live a life where we have a place to lay all of our heartaches, concerns, and situations. Staying on God’s track ensures you reach your pre-destined destinations. This is not saying you won’t have hiccups along the way, but now you have a Savior on your side that can carry the burdens for you and make your trip lighter! It helps keep you kinder and happier as you journey along!

Don’t worry about looking to anyone else for validation through social media or in your groups! You are more than enough! God wants to use you to help others along the way to be a positive light to others, mistakes and all. Mistakes are just testimonies in the making! We learn and move forward.

Listen to Mandisa sing “Unfinished” below and know that we are a work in progress but with God’s help, we will all be Overcomers! Let’s Overcome today! 🙂



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