Parenting Ain’t Easy…

Parenting Aint Easy 450×150

Every child is different they each have their own unique ways. One can be well behaved and the other will try your gangster. You teach them right from wrong and some still go against the grain. You are wondering why Lord?

Let me tell you getting 4 kids ready and having your husband say can you iron this and then having to get yourself ready is not an easy task. One child doesnt want to wear what you picked out oh gosh the other feels as if I they can do it all by theirself and wont let you touch them then come out with their shirt backwards one sock and saying I am ready. Then you have the diva who wants everything perfect then you have the one that actually lets you put their clothes on and do their hair yay one down 3 to go… In the middle of it all I have yelled about twice, threw my hands up once and exhaled and told myself its okay.

P.S.A: Parents are not perfect, trust me we mess up and make mistakes the kids are learning and believe it or not so are we.

*some parents just need help from other parents to help motivate them and let them know, hey I go through that too….

Courtesy of Natalie Clark, Mom Blogger, Mommy of 4, Wife of Keith



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